Get that BBQ clean!


With so many of us now at home, we’re all looking for ways to entertain ourselves. Who’d have thought that our thoughts would be turning to giving the house a thorough Spring clean? We’re running a series of cleaning tips and focusing on some alternative cleaning product options as we’ve noticed that it’s not so easy to get cleaning products at the moment. You’ll find a lot of household store cupboard items offer fantastic cleaning properties.

If your BBQ has stood unused for a few months then it will probably need a good clean. Fire it up and get it hot, then switch it off. Once it’s started to cool down, cover the grill with a water-soaked newspaper and close the lid. Leave it shut for 30 mins to give it a good steam clean. Then clean away the grime with soapy water.

Unless your BBQ is industrial size, the wires should fit nicely into the dishwasher. Set it to a hot wash and they should come out sparkly clean. Again try to clean them whilst warm to get best results.

Alternatively, while there’s still some heat in your grill, attach an onion to a fork and rub over the hot bars. The water in the onion steam cleans them and removes any stuck-on food.

Once again, good old baking soda, sprinkled on the grill and dissolved some in water comes up trumps. Simply use a sponge with a scourer to scrub until all the baking soda is gone and the grill is sparkling.

Once you’ve cleaned your BBQ remember it needs to be heated up for at least 15 minutes before using. This will ensure any residual cleaning bits and bobs are burnt off and won’t affect the taste of the food when you use it.

TOP TIP This made us laugh – pour half a bottle of beer onto a warm grill and scrub with some newspaper or a wire brush. In no time, your grill will be sparkling. Don’t think any of our beer drinking family members would even consider wasting beer in this way!!

Please note these tips are suggestions only and haven’t necessarily been tested by ourselves.