**Friday 27/11/2020 – launch of our ‘wear your scarf to work day’, Click here to find out more


16/11/2020. Today sees the launch of our fundraising efforts to help the Salvation Army during these unprecedented times.

We are partnering with Morrisons and The Salvation Army to raise money by encouraging people to knit small scarves (45 x 5cm) to put on the top of any type of bottle and hand sanitisers to sell through Penrith Morrisons store. The fund raising will support the valuable work that the charity does in helping to feed local people who are facing hardship during these tough times. The number of people the charity is now helping with food donations has increased considerably since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and they are expecting the numbers to continue to rise as we go through a second lockdown.

To make a donation please go to Penrith’s Salvation Army Just Giving page


We are coming at this from three angles. Firstly, to get people knitting and to get local people to help the charity as a lot of older people feel isolated during lockdown and this is a great way to get them involved and support the vital work of The Salvation Army. Secondly, to raise money by getting people to buy the bespoke scarves for Christmas presents as opposed to wrapping such items, and to make festive that bottle of hand sanitiser that we all have in our shops and offices. Thirdly, to save waste in the packaging we may use when wrapping these items.

We will be organising a ‘wear your scarf to work/school/around the house day’ on Friday 4th December to raise further funds.

Please help us to spread the message far and wide.

If you’d like any further information, please email: