10th October: World Metal Health Day

10th October: World Metal Health Day  


  This year has been a year like no other. Now more than ever, it’s vitally important that we look after ourselves and each other and seek help when it’s needed. Our Mental Health First Aider, Simon, has talked about why our mental health is so important and the role he plays within Genesis Homes.   

  “Last year I took part in a two-day mental health first aider training course, where I learnt about mental health and how to help people, who could possibly be struggling. My main duties as a mental health first aider consist of looking out for people possibly displaying signs of mental health, whether that be a small change in people’s habits or noticing a mood change. I’m also there to listen, offer advice, listen again and to continue support. It’s also really important to be impartial and non-judging.”  

  Mental health problems and suicide within the construction industry often show quite high statistics. Between 2011-2015 there were 13,232 suicides by working people. 13.2% of those were construction workers despite construction accounting for only 7% of the workforce*. This is potentially because it is viewed as a ‘macho’ environment, so people feel like they can’t talk about issues they are facing at work or at home and they bottle it up. It’s so important for companies to have someone impartial and supportive to talk to, and that’s where I can help. To listen, offer advice and continue that support throughout any challenge they may face.”  

  To make us think about our Mental Health, we asked our colleagues two questions:   

  Why is good mental health so important?  

What do you do to take care of your mental health?  

  Take a look at the post-it’s our staff created to see how they answered these important questions.  

  *source Construction Magazine, 2019.