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Nothing beats coming to see a Genesis Home for yourself!

            Should you wish to make an appointment to view our available plots, please call the sales team on 07491 782 612.

St Bridget’s – Brigham Demo Home

For pre-booked appointments/enquiries please tel: 07383 022904

St Bridget’s,
Whillan Demo Home
Low Road, Brigham,
CA13 0XH

The Orchards – Burgh-by-Sands Marketing Suite

For pre-booked appointments/enquiries please tel: 07308 974168

The Orchards,
Derwent Demo Home

Beckstones – Rheda Park, Marketing Suite

For pre-booked appointments/enquiries please tel: 07383 022904

Rheda Park Marketing Suite
CA26 3TA

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General Enquiries

If you have any additional queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Please send your enquiry to info@genesis-homes.co.uk


Customer Care

To reach our customer care team please send your enquiry to:


Head Office

Genesis House,
4 Cowper Road,
Gilwilly Industrial Estate,
CA11 9BN

01768 800878

Opening hours:

Please tel 01768 800878 with any queries you may have.

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    It’s an exciting time here at Genesis Homes as we grow our business and launch new developments. Interested in working for us? For information about current vacancies, please visit our ‘Working with Genesis Homes’ page.

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    For all PR and media enquiries please email: communications@genesis-homes.co.uk

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