Enterprise Week- Dowson Fitness

This week is Enterprise week, so to celebrate all the small local businesses, we will be doing a feature of our favourite enterprises throughout Cumbria.

Today’s feature for enterprise week is Josh Dowson, the creator of Dowson Fitness, a personal training business based in Penrith. Because of all the disruptions to gym’s this year, Josh has had to adapt his business significantly to ensure he can carry on working with his clients to ensure they maintain and improve their physical and mental health. Here is what Josh has to say about the changes this year has brought:

My name is Josh Dowson, I have a personal training business in the Penrith area, based from the North lakes hotel, Penrith. In normal circumstances anyway!

This year has been a testing time, We have been without gym’s for 22 weeks so far this year, and will be 24 weeks if we open again as planned on December 2nd. This has had a huge impact on many trainers within the town as well as all other businesses.

It has for me however, been a time to hit the ‘reset’ button. I have been able to take a step back, review where my business was, what direction it was going in and was able to alter it to where I wanted it to go. I have adapted to the closure by setting up an online business. I bought into a software allowing me to create online programs to help track people’s nutrition, exercise and daily activity and make sure they stayed on track throughout the lockdowns, which helped keep them accountable to someone.

Not only that, but I also created an online monthly membership giving clients and their friends access to LIVE online classes, as well as pre-recorded ones, allowing them to workout WHEN and WHERE they want to!

This has allowed me to keep earning and keep in touch with all my clients, expand my audience and pick up clients from other parts of the country, even the world and help them keep fit from home and keep their mental health in positive order!

Fitness has been moving more online over the last few years and it is now a huge market, so making money becomes a lot harder, but I focussed on making sure my clients had everything they needed first and it was a bonus when others wanted part of it too! It’s growing every week and I love helping as many people as I can improve their fitness and lifestyle.

In my opinion, I think we’re going to be under restrictions for a little while longer, so getting into home workouts and online programs are essential in maintaining or improving your fitness & mental health. If you would like any help, advice to get involved with anything I am running, please just get in touch,

Phone – 07833311831

Email – josh@dowsonfitness.com

Website: www.dowsonfitness.com

Social Media: @dowsonfitness