Genesis Homes and Sustainability

In 2018 the United Nations IPCC report acknowledged that 11 years from now the world will be experiencing a climate catastrophe. In response to this, the UK government declared a state of climate emergency. This emergency prompted them to bring forward the current plan of zero emissions by 2050 to closer to 2030.  

As a company, we have a responsibility to act now on all levels, every decision we make matters. Last year we created ‘project extinction’, a project set up to review the future of the homes we build. The project has helped us to consider the processes, materials and designs available within the house building industry and identify how we can improve the sustainability and efficiency of our methods. 

One aim of ‘project extinction’ was to analyse and identify the immediate, eco introductions we could bring to our homes. Through this review, we developed the ‘eco pack’. The eco pack will be supplied to every home on all our future sites, starting at Beckstones, Rheda park.  

The Eco Pack contains: 

  • Water butt 
  • Compost bin 
  • Rotary clothes dryer
  • Eco bin 

At our Head Office we have implemented additional short-term contributions to ensure we are more sustainable, and these consist of… recycling processes, energy-saving, re-usable coffee cups and incentives such as ‘be plastic clever’ 

Further to the eco pack and short-term contributions, we look at what the longer-term introductions are to the company, to ensure we are environmentally friendly and have low, if not any, carbon emissions in the years to come. We have started an audit of what we are currently doing and how we can do it better, whether it’s through materials, design, or processes. This is hugely important for us to protect our planet for ourselves, our children, and our future generations.