Genesis Homes pledges its support to ‘The Big Climate Fightback’

Over the last year climate change has been moving up the agenda. According to a recent YouGov Poll, the environment is now the third most important issue for the public and higher than ever before. As the fight against climate change becomes ever more urgent, and individuals are looking for ways to play their part, The Woodland Trust wants to give everybody the opportunity to make a positive contribution for the planet. They’re calling it the Big Climate Fightback.

Trees are impacted by climate change, but they’re also part of the solution. That’s why The Woodland Trust are asking one million people to make the pledge and plant a tree on Saturday 30 November. The mass planting will be part of their annual celebration of trees on this date: Tree Charter Day.

Statistics from the Woodland Trust show:

  • 1,064 ancient woods are threatened right now;
  • 4% – that’s how little of the UK is covered by ancient woodland;
  • 1,101 woods saved by Woodland Trust since 1999.

As part of the Woodland Trust campaign, Genesis Homes has pledged to donate money to the Trust to plant 100 trees for every house reserved between now and 20/12/19. As an industry, and indeed a local business, we have a strategy in place to minimise our impact on the environment. Currently  we include high levels of energy-saving technology as standard in the homes that we build which means buyers will find their new home is significantly less expensive to run than a typical second hand properties (3). All of our homes are well insulated, have 100% energy efficient lighting and dual flush toilets. Waste on site is reused/recycled. But Genesis Homes knows this isn’t enough and they are embracing Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Governments ‘The Future Homes Standard’ 2019 consultation.

Nicky Gordon, MD of Genesis Homes, and Chair of Cumbria House Builders Group (CHBG), said ‘We can’t ignore what’s happening to our environment any longer and as responsible businesses we all need to do our bit in tackling climate change – it’s happening now. Whilst our pledge to plant trees isn’t going to change the world overnight, we’re doing something to help and if others do the same, then we’re at least going in the right direction. CHBG commissioned a report that detailed the economic impact that the house building industry had on Cumbria for the period 2017-18. Amongst others, the research by Lichfield’s highlighted that our industry had produced investment of £528,426 in open spaces…the equivalent of funding the creation of 734 hectares of forest. As an industry we’re doing our bit and I’d call on other like minded businesses to look at ways they can help tackle this very important issue as it’s not going to go away.’



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  1. Statistics reveal that a new home could save you £1,410 p.a. compared to energy costs of £2,460 for a Victorian 4-bedroom detached with some modern improvements (source: