5 Tips For Organising Your Home Office

Organising your office does not have to take days, it can easily be done in very little time. Rearranging and moving things about doesn’t count or sweeping your mess into the nearest desk draw! Having a neat and orderly office space will heighten your productivity and being organised will save you time.

Here are 5 simple tips on how to organise your home office efficiently:

  1. De-clutter

De-clutter, empty, shred, get rid of everything that you do not need or want. Clear out anything that you haven’t used in a while, even if it involves furniture, equipment, supplies and knick-knacks.


  1. Gather and Redistribute

Move every item that isn’t where it belongs and put it where it does.


  1. Organise your draws

Place items that are used together in the same drawer space, stamps with envelopes, stick pads with notepads, etc. Draw organisers can help.


  1. Clean your desk

Completely clear everything off your desk, clean it thoroughly and only put back items you use daily, everything else redistribute to a file or a draw.


  1. Organise your desktop and emails

Organising your computer desktop is essential for productivity. Everyday before leaving work, spend some time making sure files or images are in organised folders so when you need them, they can easily be found by a few clicks.


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