Staying Positive & How to Protect your Mental Health

Coronavirus updates are currently dominating our news, social media feeds, conversations and interactions. The World Health Organisation has issued some advice on how to protect your mental health during the outbreak. Some key things we can all do to help ourselves and each other are:

• Limit the news and be careful what you read. Perhaps have specific times set aside to catch up on what is going on and ensure you stick to trusted sources like the NHS to ensure the information you are getting is accurate.

• Give yourself breaks from social media and mute keywords to avoid coronavirus hashtags, conspiracies and content that can cause you to feel anxious or overwhelmed.

• Wash your hands but not excessively. People with anxiety and OCD can find it difficult to constantly be told to wash their hands.

• Stay connected with people – there will be more and more of us needing to self-isolate in the coming weeks so make sure you have the contact details for the people you need
to stay in touch with. Agree regular check in times and think about what you can do to remain productive. It is important and in everyone’s interests that we do everything we can to keep our
day to day business running.

• Avoid burnout. it is important to have down time. Mind recommends continuing to access nature and sunlight wherever possible. Try to exercise, eat well and stay hydrated.

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