Working from Home – Our Top Tips

Our team have been working hard from home for the last couple of weeks now – here’s some of our top tips to make sure you have a productive and healthy working day:

• Get up, get showered and get dressed; you’ll feel more professional – and you don’t want to get a Skype call from your boss when you’re in your jim jams!

• Take regular breaks. Working from home will give you less interruptions so you need to make sure that you get up, walk around, make a coffee and stretch those limbs.

• Try to get some fresh air even if it’s just a potter around the garden for 10 mins. Exercise is a good way to stay physically and mentally fit.

• Stay in touch. It’s important that you keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family. After all, we all know it’s good to talk.

• Plan your day/workload. Knowing what your day entails will ensure you keep on track. Write a list, check for meetings and prepare for them, make notes on whatever format you’re happy with (we use Microsoft teams).

• Don’t over communicate when working from home – either wanting to ‘be seen’ or overcompensating to ensure people know what they are up to. That’s fine – but don’t go OTT.

• Do something fun as a treat – like looking for your dream home on our website!